About Us

Our Story

Our story is a classic case of where there is a will there is a way. We become lovers of handmade natural personal care products out of necessity. Our founding Director and Resident Chemist had extremely dry itchy skin while in the colder climates and after tons of prescription creams, antibiotics, and steroidal serums and about every store bought “dry skin” remedy there was no relief. One good day a friend offered some handmade olive oil soap and whipped body butter. Heaven came to earth.  We realised that so called “natural products” really weren’t that natural or had so little of the active ingredients in them that they weren’t useful for many folks. After much research and learning, dozens of samples from the big shops and months of testing and prodding we started to formulate and test our own products. This was backed up with real industry experience and work as a raw materials sourcing specialist for a US based company dealing in natural essential oils and herbs. Five years of learning and experience of the magical world of pure and natural botanicals led to the formulation of this company.  We want to give you our very best service in the products we offer. We have passion about living in tune with our environment and supporting happiness as a way of life. We want our products to be an experience of happiness for you, our fans.

Our Promises to You

We won’t offer you any product that we have not used ourselves! Yes that is true. Every product on our website has been used by someone at The Better Beauty Brand or someone that we know. Many of our products are market tested before offering them to the public.

We follow Good Manufacturing Practice and are champions of Quality and Safety.

We know all of our raw material providers and will always make sure our ingredients are cruelty free, never tested on animals and are considered safe for human use.

We use natural ingredients and ingredients derived from natural sources as much as possible. We have an open information policy about our ingredients and you can ask us about them if you need more information.

 Our products are made in small batches by human hands and are always fresh.

Our products are sold at their optimum.

Our products will never contain unsafe ingredients such as parabens, formaldehydes, proteins from animal sources that aren’t supported by excellent scientific research, toxic chemicals, SLS/SLES, paraffin oils or petroleum jelly.

Our company supports minorities, women and differently abled persons in employment. We support small local material providers and fairly traded goods.

Each and every year we will provide free products to registered charities and NGO’s as part of our We Give We Love Policy.