Tea Tree Oil – Miracle from Down Under


Almost everyone who is into natural products and handmade cosmetics has heard about Tea Tree Oil. This essential oil is famous and for good reason. It is good for many everyday uses from getting rid of bacteria to helping cuts heal. It is safe and well tolerated by almost everyone. It is a noted powerful antiseptic and promotes wound healing

So what is an essential oil anyway?

Essential oils are derived from plant materials by special treatments. In the case of Tea Tree Oil the leaves and twigs of Melaleuca alternifolia (the Tea Tree plant which is native to Australia) is put into a huge vat and steam is passed through the plant material. The steam releases the compounds in the plant’s leaves and twigs and in the end you get an essential oil. This essential oil is the concentrated essence from the plant and contains dozens to hundreds of naturally occurring chemicals which give the essential oil its therapeutic properties.

Tea Tree Oil is a thin runny pale yellow liquid with fresh, slightly medicinal scent characterised by woody (terpenic) and camphoraceous notes.

Where does it come from?

The oldest and probably still the best place to source tea tree oil is from Australia. After all the plant is native to the “land down under” and decades of research has gone into Tea Tree Oil production in Australia. Tea Tree grows as a small tree-shrub (up to 20 meters) and was once used as a substitute for black tea. In fact the plant got is common name from being used by sailors for tea making. 

Tea Tree is sustainably farmed in about four countries. Where the plant is grown affects the chemotype (that is the chemical composition) and therefore the potency of the oil for a particular application. Each type of Tea Tree oil may have its own special applications. You can be 100% confident in the 100% naturalness and high potency of Australian Tea Tree Oil. We buy and use AAA grade Australian Tea Tree Oil in our products.

China, India and South Africa are notable new places to buy Tea Tree oil from, in bulk. There are much less studies on the therapeutic value of Tea Tree Oil from these locations but they are also safe for use and have similar scent.

New Tea Tree Field in India. Tea Tree production in India increases the livelihood of disadvantaged farmers and women working in agriculture. A lot of new research into Tea Tree is ongoing in India and Australia and this is good for the future applications of this wonder oil.


What is Tea Tree Oil good for?

Tea Tree Oil has proven use for:

  • Mild to moderate acne
  • Fungal infections of the nails
  • Athletes Foot
  • Skin infections
  • Dandruff Reduction

Tea Tree Oil can be used to effectively treat acne and eczema in most teenagers and adults but regular (twice daily) application is required. We use Pure Grade AAA Tea Tree Oil in our Activated Charcoal Skin Detox Soap and Tea Tree Shea Butter Soap. These soaps are recommended for people with acne, teenage and problem skin. The soaps are astringent, non-irritating, antiseptic & anti-fungal.   They are absolutely wonderful for skin care!

When used on the hair it is great for reducing dandruff and scalp conditions, and some even use it in treating lice. We add Tea Tree Oil along with Rosemary Oil and Peppermint Oil to our Radically Different Shampoo to keep you scalp clean and grease free.

Healthy Scalp = Healthy Hair

You can also use Tea Tree Oil to disinfect cuts and bruises by neat application. Many people are ditching the toxic disinfectants and using tea tree oil in their household cleaners because it is effective at fighting bacteria and mould and also it is safe and good for the environment. You can make a room spray or use an essential oil diffuser to get the Tea Tree Oil dispersed around your home where it will fight off the stuff you really don’t want hanging around.

Recent studies have shown Tea Tree oil to have some benefit in treating skin cancers and even internal bodily infections. It seems we are discovering more uses for this wonder oil every year. While we do not advocate internal consumption of Tea Tree oil we do love it in skin and hair products. Tea Tree Oil is safe for most (98%) of users!

Be consumer smart

Many sellers of Tea Tree Oil and products use adulterated Tea Tree Oil which is often labelled as "Industrial Grade". This just means the oil has been mixed with naturally derived or synthetic chemicals to "stretch" it. As your supplier for information on their Tea Tree Oil. Don't splurge on Organic Tea Tree oil as in most cases the oil is grown in wild crafted conditions with few if any pesticides used. This is because the trees have insectidical and pesticidal properties. 100% Pure Grade AA-AAA Tea Tree Oil and products made with it is what you are after.


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